Where the future leaders play the world! It is Maison de La Corée


  • Facilities
  • Amenities
Location Facility Description Perspective Plan
Common kitchen · Every floor is equipped with a common kitchen
(student private living rooms are located on F2
through F9) (F3, F5, and F7 has duplex kitchen)
· able, chair, microwave, kitchen hood, and sink
공동주방 투시도
F1 Performance hall · Performance hall (stage) that can accommodate
max. 200
· Used for an occasion and a conference
· Korea PR video plays on a large multivision
공연장 투시도
B1 Dining hall · 50 seats
· Korean food restaurant that both the dorm
students and visitors can use
· Has a convenient store where simple grocery or
necessities can be bought.
식당 투시도