Where the future leaders play the world! It is Maison de La Corée


  • Introduction
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Bird's-eye view
Date of groundbreaking June 2016
Date of completion the first half of 2018
Purpose of facility student residence
Building size 9 stories above the level (R+8), 1 store below the level (1 unit)
Lot area 2,601㎡
total floor area 7,210㎡
Number of rooms 250
- Single bedroom (232), the handicapped (14), family (4)
Finance for project cost government subsidy (50%) and private school promotion fund (50%)
Operation/management FRUP
Construction company Eiffage
Design and supervising company (MOE) a consortium of Canale3, Ga-A, Artelia, Alhyange, Aep topolis, and BMF
Advisory of building owner (AMO) SCET
조감도02 조감도03
B1 :
Student lounge, study room, art studio, music studio, laundry room, fitness room, and meeting room, etc
F1 :
performance hall (stage), dining hall, convenient store, administrative office, reception desk, recycling bins, bicycle storage, etc.