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Article 6 : room assignment

To assign room is the exclusive authority of dormitory operators.
Independent of whether it's temporary habitation or residence which does not need to pay for(invite...etc). All the dormitory rooms are strictly prohibited to transfer. If the Article is violated, the students would be dismissed from the dormitory by abiding by the rules and regulations of management following to the procedures which is made in advance.

Dormitory put the top priority for students and researchers to reside in. Residents shall not be allowed to do commercial activities in dormitory and use it for the purpose of corporation or association.

Changing rooms at students' discretion or installing additional furniture is not be allowed witout permition of operators in advance.

Photos, posters and things which damage dormitory shall not be attached on the wall. Bring in pets in dormitory is not allowed as the reason for sanitation and safety.

Article 7 : visitors – invite

Visitors who are not accompanied by residents must announce their visit to the information desk. If the visited residents are in absence or , express intention of refusal, outsiders are not allowed to visit in dormitory. Outsider are not allowed to enter dormitory from 23:00 pm to 07:00 am.
Students can accompany a visitor for a fixed period of time (per individual visitor) in accordance with the dormitory regulations.
Students must comply with the following:
- If a visitor stays in the dormitory for one night or more, it shall be reported to the operators in advance.
- An additional fee is charged per a day if the visitor is announced to stay (refer to the rates table)
- If additional bed is needed, the request should be asked prior to 48 hours. (Administrative office's operation hours need to be checked.)

The number of beds available in the dormitory is limited, so even if a guest can not use an extra bed, students must report the presence of the visitor or pay an additional fee. Accommodation fees that was not available to visitors will not be refunded. The student who invited the guest is responsible for the visitor's behavior.
<a double bed room>(two non-couple who reside in a dormitory).
Visitors shall not be allowed to enter a double bed room. The residents who have visitors must be present in the dormitory while the visitors stay. Rooms in the dormitory to rent is not possible.

Article 9 : Going out-disease

For safety reasons, residents should inform the operators of the dormitory in advance if they vacate the dormitory for more than one week. If residents get disease, they should inform the operators of the dormitory about the facts, and if the health condition becomes serious, they should go to the hospital and treat it for personal expenses.

the maintenance of dormitory rooms

General Provisions
Students are obliged to keep the dormitory clean.If it is not corrected after 2 warnings, cleaning fee might be charged to the students (refer to the expense table). If malfunctions or mechanical defects occur, the information desk should be notified as soon as possible.

Staff who has the authority is able to enter the dormitory for maintenance of the dormitory. As respecting the privacy of the students in dormitory, residents must be informed by the dormitory staff of their visits. (via e-mail, notifications, phone, or letter) The students must inform the staff the date and the time available.
In case of urgent situations (※ example: leakage occurs, etc.), Staff who has the authority can enter dormitory without preliminary notice. The staff shall inform the residnts of their visits.

Dormitory cleaning is the service that offered regularlly and mandatorily.
The students should arrange their item to facilitate the cleaning staff 's work according to the advance notification stating the schedule of the cleaning staff' s visit. A service is provided to change bed sheets regularly according to a predetermined schedule. To replace a contaminated bed sheet, the bed sheet must be separated from the bed and placed under the bed.

Article 11 : Sustainable development

In connection with the sustainable development regulations of CiteInternationale Universitaire de Paris dormitory students pledge to observe precautions related to energy conservation, water conservation and the recycling of waste during the residence period. Moreover, the students shall reduce all the pollutants and try to keep the dormitory maintain in a healthy and high quality environment.
In addition to the general provisions stated at the top, students shall abide by the following.
- Economizing unused lights and electronic devices in the dormitory rooms and public areas.
- Locking unused water in shower and sink.
- Locking windows and roof windows to prevent leaks when going out
- Emptying the garbage can on a regular basis at designated places

- To prevent the propagation of insects, it is prohibited to keep food that can get easily rotten at room temperature.
- Do not leave wet laundry in the room (danger of mold) or hanging the laundry outside of the window (To preserve the exterior of the dormitory) Disciplinary regulation might be applied after warning 3 times.

Article 12 : Communal life regulations

In communal life, values should be shared such as tolerance and mutual respect. In daily life, dormitory students must follow important basic instructions. In general common sense, students try to refrain from all activities that interfere with other dormitory students.
For that reason the following are prohibited.
- Smoking behavior (including electronic cigarettes) except the place the operators have exceptionally specified.
- Behavior that causes noise in boarding rooms and communal spaces, and all noise-generating activities should be stopped between 23:00 P.M and 07:00 A.M.
- Behavior that monopolizes the space for a party or meeting in the kitchen or other common space without the permission of the operators.

Residents shall immediately notify noises and the issue for removing harmful insects to administrative office of the dormitory.

Article 13 : Public space

Each dormitory has public space. Students must comply with the rules and hours of use specified on the notice board or in the brochure. Each tableware should be cleaned and arranged, after using a work table (counter), cleaning appliances, drains, shared kitchen tables, showers in shared shower rooms, or other common areas.