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Article 15: Comments, Meetings, Posts

Korean Dormitory guarantees the dormitory students' freedom of expression and meetings.
The freedom of expression and gathering can be exercised on condition of strict accordance with the diversity of opinions, the rights and freedoms of other dormitory students, the value of CiteInternationale Universitaire de Paris, the ideals and general rules, and prohibits all kinds of missionary activities Students can meet freely among dormitory students in a space created for that purpose. If the meeting is held in a more formal format, you should inform the administrative officers of the dormitory in advance.
If the meeting is more extensive, including members not belonging to the dormitories within CiteInternationale Universitaire de Paris and CiteInternationale Universitaire de Paris, the organization of the meeting will be responsible to submit the detailed procedures of meeting to administrative office of dormitory in accordance with the regulations of each dormitory. The bulletin boards used by the dormitory students are installed under the responsibility of the dormitory life committee. All outside announcements posted on the bulletin board or the contents distributed inside the dormitory must be reviewed by the administration office in advance.