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Article 16 : Security

Entering dormitory
For the safety of all people, students should pay constant attention to the following:
- Do not reveal your access password to a third party (visitors, delivery person) and open the door directly
- Make sure the main door is properly closed and care should be taken so that people who do not know will not come in behind.
- prohibit access to visitors through an emergency exit
- Pay attention to the card key or key management provided especially when entering the dormitory

Dormitory card keys or keys are strictly controlled by the individuals and can not be transferred to others. When students lost card key or key, they must obtain a new card key from the office.
If you lose your card outside of the administrative office hours, you may ask the security officer at CiteInternationale Universitaire de Paris to open the dormitory room. However, in addition to the card reissue fee, a penalty will be imposed on the student.

Essential security regulations
Students must comply with the essential security regulations inside the building. In the case of going out, short-term absence should also be checked to ensure that the doors and windows of the room are locked to prevent intrusion and theft. (Students living on the first floor should pay particular attention to it)

To place objects on the window frame or hang them on the window frame is prohibitted. The dormitory has no responsibility for the accidents involved. Students should keep their bicycles in designated areas. Cars and motorcycles (motorized vehicles) can not be stored. Parking of the students is not permitted within CiteInternationale Universitaire de Paris. It is allowed for up to 2 hours when an exception is required to move a load (entering or leaving) The administrative office of dormitory must be approved in advance and the dormitory must contact the Safety Department in CiteInternationale Universitaire de Paris.

Fire safety
Evacuation and fire alarm systems are related to the safety of the dormitory life. If the students do anything that interferes with the normal operation of the evacuation and fire alarm system, the residents might be subject to penalties for eviction and, if it's necessary, the student might be fined in a monetary penalty according to the dormitory fee table.(※Example:replacement of fire extinguisher)

In the event of a fire, space for corridors, stairways, stairways, and emergency exits must be secured to ensure efficient evacuation of dormitory students and should not be blocked by bicycles, carts, or bags.
In addition, the emergency exit must be equipped with a device capable of evacuating and evacuating in the evacuation direction, an alarm device, etc., and it should be checked whether it is operating smoothly.
Emergency exit is not normally used as the exit or entrance of the building (except for evacuation or fire evacuation drills).
To minimize the risk of fire, some item, except those used in the dormitory, are not allowed to be used in the room.
- Devices which consume an enormous amount of power(pressure cooker, induction range, microwave, radiator, air conditioner, etc.)
- gas-using equipment
- candle

The following electronic devices are allowed to use: Audio equipment, video, telephones, computers, dryers, low-power ports.

In the event of a breach of this provision,
a notice will be sent to the dormitory residents, informing them that the forbidden item should be disposed of immediately. Prohibited item can be kept in the storage room until they leave after informing the administrative officers in dormitory.
Items stored in the storage room can only be accessed by the dormitory staff and can be kept until the student leaves the dormitory.
Dormitories and students should cooperate with the direction of the Safety Department of CiteInternationale Universitaire de Paris in case of any safety-related issues in CiteInternationale Universitaire de Paris.

Central safety office which is available for 24hours : 01 44 16 66 00